Notes from the Southwest: Arches and Moab

11 June 14: 1326


We’re in Moab, Utah, and all I can manage to say is “Wow!” This town packs a seriously cool punch! I’ve never seen such high concentrations of hippies and adventurers (two of my favorite varieties of human)! Sandwiched between Arches National Park and Canyonlands, the possibility for adventure is infinite!

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Notes from the Southwest: Bryce Canyon

I’ve been a terrible blogger….


Forgive me? A bit late on this one.

9 June 14


It’s campfire time, so I’ve finally snagged a moment to throw some words on this page. This trip has been amazing and Bryce Canyon National Park has definitely added to the general splendor. Are we even on planet Earth anymore? I have my doubts!

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Notes from the Southwest: Arrival and Zion

As some of you may know, I recently took a camping trip through the magnificent Southwest USA. Below are the journal entries I made along the way:

7 June 14, 1830

Off we go! I’m sitting in the Sacramento airport bubbling over in excitement! Though my flight is about an hour late, in a short time I will be flying into Las Vegas (a total pit if you ask me….) to begin my Southwest National Park tour extravaganza. Adventure, ladies and gentlemen, IS out there. I’ve got Samwise the Brave (AKA, my osprey) along for the ride and we are both bursting at the seams.

We didn't plan this...

We didn’t plan this…

Cassie will be joining me in Vegas and then the dynamic duo will be ready to hit the road! Stayed tuned for the desert adventure I’ve been dreaming up for years!

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