Weekend Links: Gloomy Weather

As my main bear, Winnie the Pooh, would say….It’s quite the blustery day!

That being so, I put on my coziest “man-flannel” oversized shirt, forced my cat to cuddle with me all morning, and have warmed my soul with coffee and Steinbeck.

But it got me thinking about my “rainy day essentials,” like cats and men’s shirts. Thought I’d put some Gloomy Weather Links up for you fine folks.

  1. Drinking my coffee out of these:

  2. Latest Purchase: Ass-Kicking Biker Boots

    Find me on ninewest.com

  3. This song on repeat: 
  4. This sir narrating another favorite: 

And then this goofy cat CatThat’s my rainy day! Show and tell time, message/comment what you need on a rainy day!



San Antonio: Japanese Tea Garden

One of the perks of living close to downtown is that there are so many lovely spots to walk to!

San Antonio

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Moose’s Guide to San Antonio: Brackenridge Park

Good Afternoon, Humans of the internet.

Brackenridge Park

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Southtown, San Antonio

San Antonio

Every once in a long while, Texas produces a delightfully beautiful day with perfect weather. On such a rare occasion, the only course of action is to call up a friend and take a stroll through the coolest neighborhood you can find.

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North by Northwest, Austin

We never like to take a trip that is strictly work related. There should always be an element of fun!


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Flashback to Tahoe

This morning I had the horrible realization that I haven’t posted a thing about my lovely adventure in Lake Tahoe in…..wait for it…..July. 

Lake Tahoe

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The Redwoods


The forest floor is sparsely illuminated as light filters through the canopy.

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Agate Beach, California

I’m sitting here this morning, reflecting on a beautiful memory.


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Truckee, California

So the boys left on a fishing trip, giving us an opportunity for some good quality girl time.


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