Good Juice

In my family, wine is the word. Living near Napa Valley doesn’t hurt…

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So this post is a long time coming, but it’s high time it received some love. I am a very lucky lady when it comes to family. Mine is pretty rad. This past October, we took a little overnighter in Napa Valley, a place my Uncle and Aunt know quite well. I guess you could say we all get along pretty well. In fact, you could just say that we go together like….wine and…well…more wine!

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Here’s the situation: Uncle L and Aunt J flew in from a little town called Atlanta, GA (you may have heard of it) to celebrate a slew of birthdays in Napa. “That is some good juice,” Uncle L had his mantra for the trip. This phrase was murmured with an ever-so-subtle reverence. Flora Springs, Sherwin Family, Sterling, and Quintessa.

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Family and wine has to be the jolliest of all combinations!

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Stay thirsty, my friends. And grab a crew and boogie on over to THE valley, Napa Valley.


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